George Scott Goes Insane One Day

   Life in rural Clinton County could be hard, just like it could be everywhere else. But, for the most part, it was a good, clean place to live. It was a place that you could settle down with your family and not really worry about anything bad happening to you and yours.    But, sometimes, the biggest threat to a family comes from within.

Is a 1800’s Steamboat Disaster Behind a Modern Day Haunting?

There were several accidents, both large and small, that took place. Ships ran aground and caught fire, and more than one person drowned. Several towns up and down the Mississippi have tragic stories, and Davenport, Iowa has more than its fair share.  Sometimes, those events produce other, stranger tales.

Was the Pi Kappa Chi House One of the Most Haunted Houses in Davenport, Iowa?

These young men are building reputations of respect and trust with both the community they live in and the wider world. They are quite possibly the very last people that you would ever expect to say that they live in what may have been one of the most haunted houses in the Quad Cities.

Does the Spirit of Fanny Ficke Still Reside at her Former Davenport Home?

Davenport is an old city. Old cities have seen a lot of people, a lot of events. Every single one of those individuals and events left a mark, whether good or bad. The city has a lot of memories. It would stand to reason that some of those memories…linger on.

Milo Green: A Man of Many Talents Makes His Mark in Iowa and Nebraska

Someone once told me that everyone is born with a gift. It is up to us what to do with that gift, but if you have it, why not use it? As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that some people are born with several gifts, and they use each and every one to the fullest extent of their ability. One of these people was Milo Green.

Small Town Iowa Museum Artifact Bears Witness to Violent Events in U.S. History

Hello friends! Sorry about posting this a day late, but my new laptop decided to die. This week, I'm going to tell you about an artifact in a small town Iowa museum that saw some truly violent moments in our past. As always, I if you enjoy what you've read, please be sure to click you like buttons on Facebook or on my website!

A Cemetery Ghost Story: Me, Uncle George, and Elm Grove

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I absolutely love the fall, and I’ve always been a sucker for a good ghost story. So, as the leaves start changing color and the temperature begins to drop, I’m going to share a tale that has a little bit of the personal, a little bit of the historical, and just a shade of the supernatural.

The Audubon-Exira-Hamlin Flood of 1958

     Flash floods are some of the most devastating natural disasters in the world. They can come without warning, destroying everything in their path. Iowa is no stranger to them. Although there have been many throughout the years, one still stands out in the minds of Southwest Iowa residents. Perpetual Rain       It began … Continue reading The Audubon-Exira-Hamlin Flood of 1958

Iowa Playwright had South Dakota Building Named After Him

                You ever seen a building that’s been named after someone? Of course you have. We all have.                 It could be a business building, or an old house, or even a laundromat. There are all kinds of buildings across the United States that have been named after … Continue reading Iowa Playwright had South Dakota Building Named After Him

The Mississippi Valley Fair – 1920’s Scott County Builds Their Dream Venue

                The old dirt track was barely recognizable. To someone who had been there in its heyday several years before, there were still some things that might have looked familiar, but probably not much. New buildings were going up, and old buildings being torn down. What was once an aging eyesore on the western edge … Continue reading The Mississippi Valley Fair – 1920’s Scott County Builds Their Dream Venue