George Scott Goes Insane One Day

   Life in rural Clinton County could be hard, just like it could be everywhere else. But, for the most part, it was a good, clean place to live. It was a place that you could settle down with your family and not really worry about anything bad happening to you and yours.    But, sometimes, the biggest threat to a family comes from within.

Small Town Iowa Museum Artifact Bears Witness to Violent Events in U.S. History

Hello friends! Sorry about posting this a day late, but my new laptop decided to die. This week, I'm going to tell you about an artifact in a small town Iowa museum that saw some truly violent moments in our past. As always, I if you enjoy what you've read, please be sure to click you like buttons on Facebook or on my website!

John Bloom: The Regionalist and Me

   The mural was old. The colors were still vibrant through, the lines still clear and sharp. It was simple – a farmer in his field, harvesting corn while his dog runs nearby. It was painted in a stylized design that is deceptively primitive. If you’re only glancing at it, it seems to lack any … Continue reading John Bloom: The Regionalist and Me

Cautionary Tales of the Midwest’s Roadways

               Writing is my passion. I enjoy sharing the stories that I collect along my way with whoever cares to listen, and more than a few that don’t sometimes!                 However, like many people out there, I work a day job. Like musicians and writers before, I haven’t yet broken into that mystical land where … Continue reading Cautionary Tales of the Midwest’s Roadways

Murder in a Small Town

              The town of Malone was originally a train depot founded in the mid-1860’s. It soon developed a general store, stockyards, and a post office. Like many rural areas, it was quiet and peaceful. Who would have thought that an event would take place there would forever mar that peaceful landscape?                 Edward Crampton was … Continue reading Murder in a Small Town

The Final Word: The Clinton County Feud Over a Courthouse – and a Bell

              Have you ever been on the losing side of an argument? Not just any argument, but one that you felt so strongly about that no matter how things turned out, you still felt that you were right? It sucks. Most of us have probably been there, but even though you don’t like it, you … Continue reading The Final Word: The Clinton County Feud Over a Courthouse – and a Bell