Cautionary Tales of the Midwest’s Roadways

               Writing is my passion. I enjoy sharing the stories that I collect along my way with whoever cares to listen, and more than a few that don’t sometimes!                 However, like many people out there, I work a day job. Like musicians and writers before, I haven’t yet broken into that mystical land where... Continue Reading →

Cold Anger: The Malone, Iowa Murders of 1929

   The town of Malone was originally a train depot founded in the mid-1860’s. It soon developed a general store, stockyards, and a post office. Like many rural areas, it was quiet and peaceful. Who would have thought that an event would take place there would forever mar that peaceful landscape?    Edward Crampton was... Continue Reading →

Why Bad Events Can Lead to Good Things

. Hello, all.             I wanted to write something really cool about the end of the year. Something all meaningful that will make you look back on 2016 and say, “Wow! I feel really good about life. I’m going to go out and wave the preservationist banner and save some stuff!” Unfortunately for me, 2016... Continue Reading →

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