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Testimonials for “Scott County Cemeteries”

This was an interesting book and if anyone is interested in Scott County, Iowa history and the people that lived there they will like it.” – Susan Kay Rekkas

Totally interesting book, being form the area, was especially fascinating…hope more people take time to visit and research these areas.” – Karen Hill

Testimonials for John Brassard Jr’s Presentations

Thank you for leading our forum this morning.  You are a talented story-teller making your presentation educational and entertaining. I hope local teachers and others find out about your presentation and invite you to speak to their groups.  I will recommend you when I have the chance.” – Joyce Wiley



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Priests and Farmers – What Makes A Father?

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, I’ve been thinking a little about what it means to be a father. Do you have to have children in order to be a father? As I ponder that question, my mind turns to a particular individual – Father P.J. Maher. Irish Priest in Rural Iowa                 P.J. Maher was … Continue reading Priests and Farmers – What Makes A Father?

Lack of Respect: Souvenir Hunters in an Unmarked Cemetery

                I have not been shy or quiet in my opinions about cemetery desecration. I have spoken about it, and I have written about it. Cemeteries are monuments to those who have gone before. They are places that honor the people on whose shoulders we stand, who built the towns and cities that we have … Continue reading Lack of Respect: Souvenir Hunters in an Unmarked Cemetery

John Bloom: The Regionalist and Me

   The mural was old. The colors were still vibrant through, the lines still clear and sharp. It was simple – a farmer in his field, harvesting corn while his dog runs nearby. It was painted in a stylized design that is deceptively primitive. If you’re only glancing at it, it seems to lack any … Continue reading John Bloom: The Regionalist and Me

Hell at Sea: A Davenport Connection to Maritime Tragedy

                Davenport, Iowa has a lot of iconic landmarks, both historic and otherwise. There are many in the downtown area, where the city has, for several years, been making a tremendous effort in beautifying the area. Largely, they have been successful. The area is now home to several upscale restaurants, businesses, art venues, and museums. … Continue reading Hell at Sea: A Davenport Connection to Maritime Tragedy

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